Wednesday, February 26, 2020

How The Patient Care Has Influenced Career Essay

How The Patient Care Has Influenced Career - Essay Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that whereas it can be beneficial to read a great deal of information concerning the healthcare profession and understand the palliative care that can be given with respect to a great range of health issues, nothing within a textbook or a laboratory manual can prepare an individual for the psychological and sociological implications that hands-on experience can provide. Most importantly, with regards to the ability to enhance a desire to further healthcare education, the experience in question was instrumental in helping me to appreciate the nuanced level of approach that the healthcare professional must be responsible for integrating in order to affect a positive resolution within the living patient. Further, even though the first section of this analysis has been concentric on the degree and extent to which no level of memorize Asian or classroom participation can prepare a student for direct patient care, it was also noted, during the expe rience, that a great depth of knowledge was yet to be attained with regards to ameliorating the issues that patients might have, an understanding of complex city of biological issues that might be evidenced. Of all of the factors that have thus far been discussed, it is the impact upon my desire to further my education within the field that is perhaps the most profound. Had it not been for the direct patient care and hands-on experience that was derived during this period of time, it is doubtful that I would have been further drawn to participating in additional education within the healthcare field. This is not due to the fact that I find the healthcare profession in and of itself unappealing. Rather, I would merely not had been presented with the full nuance of the health care profession as it exists for the actual practitioner. As a result of this experience, it is my firm belief that each and every individual, regardless of their career path, should have at least some modicum of hands-on experience so they will at the very least have an expectation for what they might come to experience each and every day of a professional career within such a field of study. Similarly, with regards to what I believe could be an important contribution to my engagement in the nursing profession, this must be understood in something of relative terms. Firstly, nursing, although within the medical profession, is a direct patient interaction that takes place on many different levels. As such, the importance of empathy, relationships, and interaction is of the utmost importance. One does not need to take an exhaustive course in psychology to understand that a great many different types of personalities exist. As such, it is not only important to consider the range of personalities that exist but also the range of cultures, religions, and worldviews that are likely to be presented to an individual but is interested in integrating with such a profession in the future. As such, on e of the unique talents and abilities that I have oftentimes been congratulated upon within my own life is the ability to engage individuals from a diverse background and provide them with a sense of security and belonging with regards to whatever needs they might have. Naturally, I expect this particular talent to be utilized within the medical profession. Moreover, I also expected to be honed and polished so that the needs of a diverse patient mixture will be able to be met within my work. Finally, identifying with individuals and getting along with them is not in and of itself the only talent or requirement that must be utilized in order to affect a positive level of patient care.

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